Welcome to Samford Equestrian Group!

We are a fun, friendly equestrian group based in the Samford Valley just north of Brisbane. We run dressage and jumping days, with plenty of clinics for both throughout the year.


October 23rd Members & rda Dressage

Contact nominations@samfordequestriangroup.com.au


August members dressage



committee meetings

SEG committee meetings are held on the third Wednesday of the month. The next committee meeting is on Wed 19th October at 7pm. SEG members are welcome to come along to the General meeting from 8.15pm to discuss items of interest. The meeting will be held at Samford Pony Club's clubhouse on Richards Road, Samford.


new biosecurity regulations

As of July 1st, new biosecurity regulations have been put in place. They require all horse movements to be tracked and all properties where horses are kept to be registered and have a PIC number. For more information, please click here.