A fun way to train and connect with your horse.

Working Equitation is a three or four phase competition and is one of the fastest growing horse sports in Australia.

Samford Equestrian Group is the second official club in Queensland under the Australian body recognised by World Association for Working Equitation.

Open to all SEG members.

  • Obstacle Practice days are held once a month

  • WE dressage test opportunity once a month at members dressage days.

  • Three phase competition in October.

The Four Phases

+ Dressage

+ Ease of Handling

+ Speed

+ Cattle

The Ease of Handling and Speed phases are done with set obstacles.  The cattle phase is optional and if it is run the scores count towards a team placings only, not for individual placings.

To attend practice days you must be aN SEG member.  

Whether you ride in an English saddle, a stock saddle, a traditional bridle, split reins or a bit-less bridle… you are welcome.  

As long as you have an approved helmet and your bit is in accordance with the ANWEL rule book we would love for you to join us.

$10 for Day Membership to try before joining!

Click Below to Download the Official Rule Book

Monthly Social Get-togethers

At 7pm the Tuesday before every training day, all enthusiasts are invited to meet for nibbles & drinks to discuss and share the latest news, plan future events, plan growth and obstacles and enjoy each others company off horses.

See facebook for location each month.



Text Selina - 0414 225 265 or Email -