Only SEG members are welcome to attend.

Whether you ride in an English saddle, a stock saddle, a traditional bridle, split reins or a bit-less bridle...   And as long as you have an approved helmet and your bit is in accordance with the ANWEL rule book we would love for you to join us.

$10 for Day Membership to try before joining!

2018 Practice Dates

Sat 7 July 9am – Noon
Sun 5 Aug 9am – Noon
Sun 2 Sep 9am – Noon
Sun 7 Oct 9am – Noon
Sun 4 Nov 9am – Noon

The large grassed area will contain various obstacles for riders to practice on and there will be one or two courses set up on the dressage arenas for riders to ride their rounds.

No eliminations.  Feedback and assistance given if invited.

Time will be given for riders to walk the course/s from 9-9.30am.

Join us via under Working Equitation

** Note - 5% surcharge applied to cover the cost of using the Nominate service.  Please take care to enter your email address correctly or you will miss out on important emails leading up to the day.


Assisting Roles

Every rider contributes to making Practice days possible. 

Choices include:

  1. Admin - Registration desk whilst not riding; instructor/judges refreshments; etc.)
  2. Setup - Either Saturday 4-4.45pm OR Sunday 7-7.45am.

  3. Packup - After the last session is finished.

  4. First Aid** - You must hold a current First Aid certificate. We require two people to run the day

**In return for filling the First Aid role you receive a free session plus any additional options*



7:30am - Registration

8 - 9:30am - Riding Session 1

9:45 - 11:15 - Riding Session 2

11:00pm - Packup


$15 per Ridden Session

Additional options available:

  1. 40 min with EA instructor (max 4 per group) - $20

  2. 40 min with judge (max 6 per group) - $7.50

  3. Ride a full course with feedback - $6 (Course walking at the beginning and middle of each session. Maximum 6 minutes to complete the course and then must retire to ensure we get through all nominated riders and keep to times on the draw.)

** Options may vary during the year depending on availability of judges & instructors.  If you select all 3 options then you will need miss out on time with a judge to come perform your test at your draw time.

Scratchings before close of noms will be refunded less $5.50 and scratchings after close of noms will only be refunded with a vet certificate.

For special requests (ie being in the same group as someone else) please use the comments box on the nomination.


Text Selina - 0414 225 265 or Email -