See Club Calendar for Dates

Whether you ride in an English saddle, a stock saddle, a traditional bridle, split reins or a bit-less bridle...   And as long as you have an approved helmet and your bit is in accordance with the ANWEL rule book we would love for you to join us.

Not an SEG or ANWEL member?
$10 for Day Membership to try before joining!

The format for individual training days is published in the “information” section of the page of the nominations site. The calendar will have the link to each training day.

Assisting Roles

Every rider contributes to making Practice days possible. 

Our training days, or any days for that matter, are only possible when everyone helps. Whilst it may work to miss out helping once, the impact is that those left to carry the load burn out and leave. The impact is may not be realised on the day however be sure, you do matter and make a difference, please join us as part of a community that plays and stays together.

Help is particularly needed with:

  1. Setup - usually an 45-60 min before start time

  2. Packup - After the training is finished, we often finish a little early.

  3. First Aid - You must hold a current First Aid certificate. We require two people to run the day and you can ride also as long as you are prepared to have someone else hold your horse if you need to get off and your horse is safe for someone else to hold.