• Founded in Portugal, Spain, France and Italy but quickly expanded to Sweden, Germany, the UK and Brazil.

  • The discipline of Working Equitation was created to promote the different types of equitation techniques developed in countries that used the riding horse to work on farms, ranches and with livestock.

  • Came to Australia in 2007 when Gill Kennerley began training people in the discipline (after 6 years training in the U.K.).

  • 2 official clubs in Qld, 16 in NSW, 1 in ACT, 5 in Victoria, 1 in WA – 26 Clubs and growing fast

  • Europe has held International Competition since 1996

  • Administering body worldwide is WAWE – World Association for Working Equitation

  • ANWE Ltd is associated with them – Australian National Working Equitation Ltd.

  • There are state committees also with whom new clubs sign an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) which SEG has done