Skills Development Clinics

Open to Everyone!

This 7-step programme is a progressive learning process; comprehensively covering key aspects of equestrian riding applicable to every discipline.

SKILLS DEVELOPMENT GROUP SESSION - This Skills Session is an hour long ridden lesson for up to 6 riders - $20 each - covering detailed explanation of specific riding skills. Prerequisites: you must be able to walk, trot, stop & turn under saddle.

Please email to register.

A TBEquestrian/SEG initiative to assist riders in learning or revisiting specific riding skills. For example, many riders may never have clearly learned what is "the seat", let alone how to use it!

Here are all the basics that every rider needs to know how to do. Each session lasts for approximately one hour:


1. An Effective Position & the "Half Halt" - 23 March

2. Developing Feel: Footfall Sequence, Rhythm & Tempo - 27 April

3. Accurate Lines & Figures: What are they & how to ride them well - 25 May

4. Developing Lightness: Transitions Demystified - 29 June

5. Lateral Learning 1: Leg Yield - 27 July

6. Lateral Learning 2: Shoulder In - 24 Aug

7. Developing Mobility: Turns on Forehand, Haunches & Rein Back - 28 Sept

8. Revision 28 Oct


Groups are limited to 6 riders for a one-hour session. Although the programme is progressive in design with each step a pre-requisite to the next, riders can join at any step as there is revision at the beginning of each session. These sessions are slow, theory-based, under-saddle lessons, and to qualify to participate riders must be able to walk, trot, turn and halt unaided. Dress/tack requirements include approved helmet, smooth-soled boots, with any kind of well-fitting & safe saddle/bridle. 

Please email to register.