We run regular jump clinics once a month, usually on the Friday before each jump club. Private and group lessons are available. 


No matter your level of skill, confidence or experience...

There's a class for you

2018 Dates

  • 2 March

  • 6 April

  • 4 May

  • 1 & 29 June

  • 3 & 31 August

  • 5 October

Open to all - SEG members have priority

Instruction from experience EA coach Trish Braithwaite - www.trishbraithwaiteequestrian.com.au

There may be multiple groups of any level on the day

More Information and Bookings - Contact Trish


View the Jump Clinic Flyer here

Clinic Classes


Beginner riders/green horses

Max 6 riders

Exercises at walk/triot/canter, focusing on basics of position, rhythm & line in a calm, controlled manner

$20 each for one hour

(45min min 3 riders)


More experienced riders/horses

Max 3 riders

Focusing on improving jumping concepts using poles, grids, combinations & related lines

Advise your height preference when booking

$40 each for one hour

(45min min 2 riders)


For those wanting personal attention to focus on more specific issues, at any level

$70 for 45 min

Pre-requisites & Conditions of Participation

  • All riders must have basic ability to walk/trot/canter/turn/halt

  • Poles Group may use any saddle

  • Improver Group/Private must use jump/all purpose/GP saddles

  • Minimum dress: jodhpurs, smooth-soled boots, polo shirt, current EA regulation helmet

  • Leg protection for horse encouraged

  • Body protector optional

*Horse Health Declarations Required Every Time You Attend Jump Clinic*

Bookings & Payments required & schedule forwarded to riders prior to the clinic.

More Information and Bookings - Contact Trish