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Dressage competition can be put into two groups

  1. National Tests competed at local competition, state competition and National competition is: Preliminary, Novice, Elementary, Medium and Advanced.  Preparatory tests are competed at Club and Participant days to ease horse and riders into the competition scene.  Equestrian Australia governs over this competition.

  2. International FEI Tests (Federation Equestre Internationale) coverers the International tests and is competed at an international competition level for all participating countries  - CDI, WEG, Olympics etc.  These tests are ridden under the rules of the FEI and is moderated by EA under the scrutiny of the FEI.

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Access your dressage test sheets here:

FEI Tests  -  Prix St-George, Intermediate I, Intermediate A, Intermediate B, Intermediate II, Grand Prix, Grand Prix Special and all Freestyles please go the FEI website.

Para Dressage Tests

Young Horse and Pony Tests

Here is a very useful sheet on how to get the most out of your dressage tests

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